Sylvan Library, Dredge and Abundance

Hello readers! Today’s tip will be a short but simple one concerning Sylvan Library and what happens when you combine it with effects that replace drawing. For example, Dredge, which works any time you would draw a card. This means that with the Library, you can dredge three times in a row if you want (assuming you have 3 cards with Dredge in you graveyard). Then, when you’re asked to put two cards in your hand that you’ve “drawn this turn” on top of your library… you don’t have any. You won’t put back any cards (the cards you dredged back to your hand weren’t “drawn” this turn, after all) and you won’t pay any life, effectively giving you the Library’s full benefit for free. This even works with cards like Abundance, which replace you drawing a card from your library with putting a certain type of card into your hand. Even if you just end up with the top three cards of your library in your hand by pure chance, you didn’t “draw” them, so the Library won’t see them or cost you any life.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Jen Wong

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