Kaladesh Prerelease Week: Fabricate

Welcome back to the Kaladesh Prerelease Week! Today we’re going over Fabricate, a new mechanic that shows off the inventiveness of a plane full of artificers. Fabricate is a triggered ability that fires upon the permanent entering the battlefield, and will come with a number- for example, Visionary Augmenter has Fabricate 2. What that means is as the Fabricate trigger resolves, you can either place 2 +1/+1 counters on the Augmenter, or create two Servos- adorable little 1/1 colorless artifact creature tokens. So you can either have a 4/3 beater, or a small army of a 2/1 and two 1/1s. The Servos are good for all the artifact-interaction stuff, as well as Crewing small vehicles (and again, being adorable), but sometimes you just want to go tall with one big thing, and Fabricate lets you do that. Note that you can’t mix and match- it’s either ALL counters or ALL tokens, you can’t do half and half. The other thing is that you don’t choose how to take your Fabrication until the trigger resolves. If your opponent asks which you’re doing, you can just say “I don’t make that choice until resolution. Are you allowing it to resolve?”. At a more competitive event, your opponent even asking you that question is considered to be a tournament shortcut, and they forfeit the opportunity to respond! You can still be nice and say “That choice is made on resolution- do you have a response to my trigger, or does it resolve?” if you want to be nice, but you don’t have to.

Tune in tomorrow (and Friday, because oh boy is it nutty) when we cover Energy!

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