Playing Multiple Panharmonicons

A while back we covered the basics of how Panharmonicon works; what we didn’t cover was how MULTIPLE copies of it work! As you may know, Panharmonicon by itself effectively doubles the value of your various ETB triggers; any time a creature or artifact entering the battlefield would fire a trigger from a permanent of yours, you get an extra one. But how does that scale up? To start, we’ll address a misconception kicking around: Multiple Panharmonicons do not create some sort of infinite feedback loop. Each one will apply once, and be done with it. And what do they do when they apply? Unlike some similar things in Magic, Panharmonicon scales linearly rather than exponentially! Remember how I said it effectively doubles your value? That’s because it doesn’t truly double it, you just get one extra. So for each Panharmonicon you have on board, you just get one extra trigger out of your things. Two Panharmonicons will result in 3 triggers, not 4; 3 Panharmonicons will result in 4 triggers, not 8, and so on. Also, the triggers aren’t copied, you just get multiple triggers. That means that if the trigger involves a choice of modes, you can select different modes for each trigger as you please. So get out there and linearly increase your value! For science, of course.

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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