Bestowing a card will trigger Ruric Thar.

Oh look, we’re about to discuss our favorite Gruul maze runner, Ruric Thar. Sadly, Ruric Thar won’t be joining us today – he’s having a slight crisis of faith (It seems the gods are still confusing a bit. To be fair, if the gods aren’t confusing you, they’re not doing their job right.), so he won’t be here today. You’re just going to get me, as we talk about how bestow works with Ruric Thar.

When you cast something for its bestow cost, it kind of goes through a transformation. When you start announcing the spell, it’s always going to start out as an enchantment creature. However, at one point during the announcement, when you choose to cast it for its bestow cost, it stops being a creature and becomes an aura spell. When you finally finish announcing the spell, it’s just an Enchantment – Aura. Ruric Thar doesn’t care what the spell looked like when you started to announce it, he cares about what the spell looks like when you finally finish casting the spell. Since it’s an aura, not a creature, Ruric Thar will trigger and get to smash that spell’s controller for six damage.

Well, I was hoping that topic would make Ruric Thar feel a little better, but he still seems a little bit distracted. I think we need to introduce him to Xenagos, God of Revels. I think after a brief conversation with Xenagos, Ruric Thar will feel a lot better.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Nathan Long

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