What to do if you open the “God Pack” in a limited tournament.

So Wizards of the Coast confirmed the existence of the so-called “God Packs” that contain all 15 gods from the Theros block inside a Journey into Nyx booster pack. This is an awesome flavorful way to excite players about Journey into Nyx!

However, it is also a great way to unsettle a draft or sealed event. If you’re playing in a limited event and open a pack with 15 Mythic Rares, that certainly falls under this MTR clause:

7.4 Abnormal Product
Neither Wizards of the Coast nor the Tournament Organizer guarantee any specific distribution of card rarities or frequency in a particular booster pack or tournament pack. If a player receives an unconventional distribution of rarities or frequencies in a particular booster pack or tournament pack, he or she must call a judge. The final decision to replace or allow the atypical product is at the discretion of the Head Judge and the Tournament Organizer.

While WotC can’t guarantee the distribution of 1 Rare, 3 Uncommmons, 10 Commons (or 9 Commons and a Foil of any rarity), plus a basic land, that is what everyone knows is expected in a booster pack. If you open something different from that and don’t mention it, you’re likely to fall under heavy scrutiny for potentially altering your card pool once the oddity comes to light, which is no fun for anyone! So it’s in your best interest to just call a judge right away. In the case of the God Pack, the judge or TO may want to let you keep it, but not play it in the event, and will instead replace it with a new sealed booster pack. They could also just say, “Oh, that’s awesome! Have fun!” which is also perfectly acceptable — but at least then nobody will suspect you of cheating later!

Today’s Tournament Tip was written by Josh Stansfield

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