Iroas and an attacking Boros Reckoner aren’t necessarily buddies.

Now that the first FNM of Journey into Nyx is in the books, there are a few interesting interactions that have arisen. The gods of Journey into Nyx do cause some confusion. Don’t worry, we here at the rules tips blog are here to help!

The first interaction of the week revolves around the Boros Legion. With Journey into Nyx introducing Iroas, God of Victory, many players are adding him to their Red/White decks. Alongside him, providing three devotion, lies Boros Reckoner.

Now, the issue exists when your Boros Reckoner is blocked while you control Iroas. Iroas has a non-optional ability and will prevent all the damage dealt to the Reckoner, since it’s an attacking creature you control. This means that Boros Reckoner will not trigger to deal damage to another creature or player. Basically, Iroas is a very powerful card, though there are some unfavorable interactions.

Today’s Rules Tip written by James Arriola

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