Electronic Device Policy Update for Competitive REL+: Put it away!

With the release of Journey into Nyx come updates to the Magic Tournament Rules. One of the most important updates is the new electronics policy.

In short, there are three different rules enforcement levels. The first, and most common, is Regular REL. At Regular REL, you are allowed to use electronics, in plain view of the opponents. Using a phone to keep life or take notes is acceptable.

At Competitive and Professional REL, there are different rules. All electronic devices (the kind that access information) are now banned to be used during a match. The only exception is to receive a quick, personal phone call with opponent’s permission. Obviously this doesn’t extend to pacemakers, electric wheelchairs and the like!

Make sure you keep your electronics stowed during your Competitive REL+ matches. This means keep them put away from the moment you sit down at your table until you sign your match slip.

Today’s Tournament Tip written by James Arriola

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