Don’t distract players mid-match.

‘Hey whatcha doing there? Mind if I give your opponent some advice while you’re mid-match? I see all the play mistakes he’s making – thought I would help him out.’

Unfortunately, overstepping your role as a spectator or even a judge is never this obvious. Remember one thing while watching a game – phantasmal duct tape. Imaginary duct tape should be over your mouth at all times. Want to talk about the match? Too bad, zip it up and wait ’til it’s over. See a rules violation? Politely ask the players to pause the match and get a judge (unless you’re at a professional event; then keep the duct tape on while you find a judge.)

Let’s test what you’ve learned today:

Which of the following is correct?
A. You: Hey bro! Cast that Giant Growth now and get that heroic trigger on the stack!
B. You: Aw man, great play but I would have activated the Mutavault earlier.
C. You:

Offering advice during matches or even distracting the players is never a wise choice – Don’t do it.
Correct Answer – C.

Please don’t actually put duct tape on your face. Do refrain from commenting during the game, especially at competitive and higher level events.

Today’s Tournament Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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