Assault Suit – What “can’t be sacrificed” means.

Hiya everyone again, and welcome back. Everyone loves equipment, and Commander 2014 has brought us a new piece of equipment, Assault Suit. The Suit has an ability that we’ve never seen before, “can’t be sacrificed”. So what exactly does “can’t be sacrificed” mean?

Well, it kind of does what it sounds like. It prevents the creature’s controller from sacrificing it, whether that’s due to a resolving spell or ability or as part of a cost of playing the ability. For instance, if I have a random blue creature with the Suit equipped and my opponent casts All is Dust, I’ll sacrifice all of my other colored permanents, but my creature will remain on the battlefield. The Suit says I can’t sacrifice the equipped creature, so it remains on the battlefield, despite every other colored permanent being sacrificed.

Let’s look at another example. Let’s say I have three creatures: two random 3/3s and a 1/1 equipped with the Suit. My opponent casts Barter in Blood. So what happens when the Barter resolves? Can I choose the creature equipped with the Suit? The answer is no. You can’t make an impossible choice, so you can’t choose to sacrifice something that can’t be sacrificed. My only option is to sacrifice the other two 3/3s and leave the Suited creature as my remaining creature.

Alright, let’s look at one final example. Let’s say I control one creature, and the Suit is attached to it. I really want to cast Fling and sacrifice the Suited creature? Can I? Nope. The Suited creature can’t be sacrificed, so that means I can’t sacrifice it to cast Fling. And since I don’t control any other creatures, I won’t be able to cast Fling since I can’t pay the costs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this unique equipment. We’ll see you again tomorrow!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Nathan Long

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