Bestow and Sigarda’s Aid

Today we’ll be talking about another card from Eldritch Moon, but in the context of some slightly older cards. Sigarda’s Aid is a nifty little trick for decks that like to beef up their creatures- it lets you flash in your Auras as combat tricks or at the end of your opponent’s turn, and it lets you flash in Equipment and then attach them to things for free! But how does it work with Auras that sometimes aren’t, like the Bestow creatures from Theros? Well, the answer is “quite well”. Normally the way Bestow works is that you propose that you’ll cast your Chromanticore and move it to the stack from your hand, then you announce that you’re using the alternate cost of Bestow, at which point it shifts from being a Creature spell to an Aura enchantment with Enchant Creature, then you pick your targets, and it’s all fairly normal from there. Since you’re STARTING to cast a creature, not an Aura, Sigarda’s Aid won’t work, right? Wrong! Rule 601.3b tells us that if an effect allows you to cast a spell with certain characteristics as though it had Flash (like Sigarda’s Aid for Auras), you’re allowed to factor in choices you make later on in the spellcasting process, such as choosing to use Bestow. If it would be legal under that chosen choice, then it’s legal, and you can begin casting your Chromanticore during someone else’s turn (so long as you’re making it an Aura!). So if you had a deck cram full of Bestow creatures, Sigarda’s Aid might not be a bad choice to add a little flash to your deck!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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