Prerelease Week! Perhaps You’ve Met My Cohort?

Welcome back to the final day of the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease Week! Today we’re covering the final mechanic of the set, so you can go to your prereleases this weekend (or tonight, if there’s some midnight events in …

Prerelease Week! With A Little Support From Your Friends

Welcome back to Prerelease Week! Today we’re tackling one of the last two mechanics in the set: Support. Support is actually really simple; some spells will have Support N, as will some creatures. On a spell, “Support N” means “Put …

Prerelease Work! All About Surge!

Welcome back to Prerelease Week! Today we’re going to be discussing Surge- and no, not the 90s citrus soda that’s recently been brought back as proof that the universe is a kind place. Surge, the new mechanic from Oath of …

Prerelease Week! What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Eldrazi)

Welcome back to Prerelease Week! Today we’re doing a little bit of Tournament Tuesday with our Prerelease Week and giving you a little primer on what to expect at your Oath of the Gatewatch prereleases this weekend. We’ll be going …

Vryn Wingmare can improve your converge spells

You can pay extra mana for a spell like Radiant Flames only if an external effect is imposing an additional cost to cast it. That's a handy interaction with Vryn Wingmare and the like!
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Zada and Tandem Tactics

Tandem Tactics can only trigger Zada if you choose Zada as the single target for it, and the copies will each have a single target as well.
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Hangarback Walker and Hardened Scales

Hangarback Walker plays well with Hardened Scales... but casting Walker for 0 isn't going to work out well for you.
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A reminder about Standard rotation (and how it has changed)

Standard will have an odd rotation when Shadows Over Innistrad releases in April, but nothing is changing for Oath of the Gatewatch's release.

Finding and casting split cards with Bring to Light.

Split cards can be confusing when it comes to questions about converted mana cost. We help clear up exactly how Bring to Light interacts with them!

Illegal Expedition + A lesson in Land Types

Today's tip includes a reminder that not all "Expeditions" are legal in Standard, as well as some tips about the new BFZ lands with two basic land types and how that can work to your benefit!