Thopter Spy Network draws only one card for multiple artifact creatures dealing damage at once.

Thopter Spy Network is good, but be careful to read it correctly! It triggers whenever "one or more artifact creatures deal damage to an opponent," NOT once for each creature dealing damage.

Liliana doesn’t transform if she dies at the same time as other creatures.

Because of the "if you do" clause, Liliana's trigger won't do anything unless it's able to exile her from the battlefield. If she's already in the graveyard, it can't find her to exile her, so you won't get a transformed planeswalker and you won't get a zombie.

Ugin’s -X ability vs. transformed planeswalkers

A card with no mana cost has CMC of 0, which includes the back face of double-faced cards like the new Planeswalkers from Magic Origins. They also have a color from their color indicator, so they will be exiled by Ugin's -X ability with any value chosen!

Skullcrack vs. Dragon’s Claw

Sideboard hate: it’s a time-honored tactic to fill your sideboard with narrow cards that totally hose specific decks to improve your matchups. Some are completely devastating (Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void against a reanimation strategy, for example), …
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Draconic Roar: Only One Target!

Yesterday we talked about Searing Blaze, and how your opponent removing their own creature in response to your Blaze won’t save them from taking 3 damage. The reason for that, as we explained, is that the spell still has a …

Searing Blaze and Only One Target on Resolution

Most of you should know that you can’t cast a spell (or activate an ability, or place a triggered ability onto the stack) without legal targets. You can’t throw a Doom Blade at nothing just to up your storm count, …

Mana Leak and Delve

Even more Delve! Yesterday we learned that you can use Delve as a payment for an alternate cost such as Flashback, because Delve is a payment, not an alternate cost itself. So how does Delve interact with additional costs? Well, …

Snapcaster Mage and Delve

Delve has been kicking around the older formats pretty much since day one- Tombstalker was an old favorite in some decks, and Treasure Cruise was infamously too good for Legacy! Even now, there’s still Delving going around in Legacy and …

Starfield of Nyx and enchantment creatures.

Oh, Opalescence. It, comboed with Humility, was the bane of many judges’ and rules gurus’ existence. Even though things have been figured out for a while now (we even have a Gatherer ruling to cover it). But now they’ve brought …

If Kothophed dies while enchanted by an opponent’s aura, it won’t trigger for the aura.

When a creature dies while it has an aura attached to it, the auras don't technically move to the graveyard with the creature. They wait until they're on the battlefield unattached to be put in the graveyard, immediately AFTER the creature dies. This is rarely relevant, but today you can learn when it matters!