Outpost Siege and Dash

Outpost Siege lets you cast the exiled card, but it doesn't mandate any kind of alternative cost (such as "without paying its mana cost"). That means you can choose to pay the Dash cost for the exiled card, and it will return to your hand normally at end of turn.
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Courser of Kruphix: Denying Land Drops

And now we close out the week with anti-synergy: messing with your opponent’s plays! We all know that Course of Kruphix is just a circus of value- it helps you fix your land drops if you’ve got none in hand …

Ashiok’s Ultimate: More than just disruption

We’ve gone a level past two-card synergy: now we’re discussing ONE CARD SYNERGY! Or we’re just throwing around the word ‘synergy’ more often than a late-90s office-slogan guy, take your pick. We’re sticking with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver for today’s tip …

Ashiok and Perilous Vault: Control Synergy

That’s right! MORE SYNERGY! Control decks might have a hard time dealing with swarms of creatures, so they tend to play board-wipe spells like Crux of Fate or End Hostilities (Damnation, we hardly knew ye…). But wiping the board doesn’t …
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Tournament Tuesday: A Draw is a Draw!

Today’s tip is going to hopefully prevent some ugly misunderstandings for you guys! Sometimes, draws are going to happen. They might be intentional draws (such as those to lock in a Top 8 spot, or with a friend so you …

Butcher of the Horde and Bloodsoaked Champion: Mardu Synergy

Today’s tip unfortunately doesn’t cover any of the new cards from Fate Reforged, but it’s still quite useful! Butcher of the Horde is a pretty neat card, and it lets you turn your creatures (such as the goblin tokens from …
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Manifest and Commander damage.

A face-down commander is still a commander, even if manifested that way, so it still deals commander damage!

Manifest and Gift of Immortality

Gift of Immortality can return any permanent card that it was attached to if the card was a face-down manifest creature when it died. It can't return an instant or sorcery. Details inside!

You must reveal manifested cards as they change zones or as the game ends.

A lot of players have been asking whether you need to reveal cards that were manifested when they change zones or as the game ends. Surely, we don’t need to reveal them to verify that they were manifested legally, right? …

Manifest and Athreos

Athreos triggers when any of its controller's creatures die, and no matter what they look like in the graveyard, they can still be returned unless 3 life is paid.