How Epic Experiment does (and doesn’t) interact with Goblin Electromancer.

Epic Experiment is pretty epic, like a Genesis Wave for instants and sorceries. So, again we dredge up the way X spells work with Goblin Electromancer.

You decide what X is before you actually pay for the spell, so Electromancer essentially gives you a ‘free’ point to X. If you only have 3 Mountains and 3 Islands with your Electromancer out, you can cast Experiment for X=5, because it’ll end up only costing you 4UR instead of 5UR. But, as we’ve discussed before, reducing how much you PAY for a spell does not change the CMC of that spell. An Epic Experiment for X=5 still has CMC of 7, even if you’re only paying 4UR for it.

Likewise, Electromancer won’t be making any of the cards you exile to Experiment ‘cheaper’. If you cast that Experiment for X=5 and you reveal a Terminus, you can’t cast it. Even though it ‘would’ only cost 5 were you paying for it [thanks to Electromancer], the CMC is still 6, so you can’t cast it via your Experiment.

Today’s Rules Tip written by
Trevor Nunez

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